Capturing a 3D Shape of a Core and Geotechnical Measurements

July 17, 2018
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July 17, 2018 Sam Law

We were able to get our hands on a Dot Products DPI-8X handheld 3D scanner recently and tested it to see if we could capture a 3-dimensional image of a core and calculate some geotechnical and volumetric measurements quickly and accurately.

The video to the right illustrates our tests with this sensor.

Transcription of Video

Just wanted to share some of the ideas we have with playing around with a new type of sensor.  This is the Dot Products sensor.  What you are seeing there is the live view and it’s creating a 3-dimensional image of the core .he idea behind it is then you can do the geotechnical measurements.  The process is quite simple: you start mapping, the sensor can actually go through its warmup process, but we are going to process that and map immediately.

It’s finished mapping now the core…we’re done, and it’s saving it.  So that’s the actual box, and here is a 3 dimensional representation of that image.  And you can see that the fractures are being represented quite well. One of the things that you can do is you can actually then do measurements off the core, and if I measure from there to there, as you will see here on the screen, it’s 0.7 millimeters.  I’ve taken a ruler, and that is exactly the right type of measurements.

So there is the base concept. Imagine if we could actually tie that in completely with Imago, where there would be a high resolution camera on one side, and then the sensor accompanying it allowing you to capture the 3 dimensional shape and then being able to create the geotechnical measurements off the core.  Maybe even the volumetrics of the core to do recovery on the 3D shape instead of the linear measurements.

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