Applications of Virtual Reality to Validating and Verifying Drilling Data

July 23, 2017
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July 23, 2017 Federico Arboleda

Last month I drafted a quick article sharing the results of a low resolution 3D scan of a core box. My intent was to get feedback on the application of these techniques to geologic data capture workflows. In response our colleague Jennifer Cross came up with an interesting approach to create a 3D model of a core box. Using simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms she was able to produce the following 3D model:

The model was created in RealityCapture from 5 images in 00h:01m:06s. She limited the model to 150k triangles to optimize performance. She notes that water droplets on the tray interfered with the reconstruction.

Yes, it is cool, but is it useful? I was not sure what the applications for this technology in the field could be so I posed the question to a forward thinking senior project geologist at a one of sites where Imago is currently streamlining the use of geoscientific imagery. Here is his response:

“At first I didn’t really understand what I was looking at then my imagination kicked in. I can imagine the drill crews using this to capture the core straight from the core press (in their V rail once it is cleaned properly). Or a Geologist capturing the core photos this way, and having them stitched into a downhole rendered image.

I can imagine a centralized ‘control room’ where multiple projects are sending their core ‘photo-telemetry’ data where banks of computers pull out vein density, rock type, structures, etc. which are then reviewed by a senior group Geologist, (or small team of specialists). Consistency in logging types could evolve out of continual use.

And of course, it just looks like something that would impress a group of GM’s…”

I agree with most of his comments but I think the real opportunity lies in:

“Consistency in logging types could evolve out of continual use”

Look forward to your comments and insight on how this technology could be used.

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