Release Notes

Changelog for Imago Capture X


    14 Mar, 2023

  • ADDED:  Default to live view on new interval.
  • ADDED: Support for Nikon Z 50,5,6,6_2.


    25 Feb, 2022

  • ADDED: Auto Upload has been re-added.
  • ADDED: The image Upload tab will appear red when the upload has errors.
  • ADDED: Deleting images now displays the number of images in the confirmation prompt
  • FIXED: Fixed Minor bug with templates in live view
  • FIXED: Minor fix for scrolling the gallery filter.


    14 Dec, 2021

  • FIXED: Features not displaying on camera live view.
  • FIXED: Apply templates crashed the app while capturing.
  • ADDED: Interval/box number can now be editable in live view


    04 Oct, 2021

  • FIXED: Better Touch and drag support for tablets and touch screens.
  • FIXED: Issue that prevented the latest template to be applied.
  • ADDED: Live view supports more devices.


    30 Aug, 2021

  • UPD: Auto upload and auto cleanup are now removed
  • FIXED: Importing has fixed filenames that end with EndDepth
  • FIXED: Importing and not seeing the ImageType update the import list has been fixed
  • FIXED: Using the mouse to drag on feature edges to change dimensions has been fixed when selecting multiple features.
  • FIXED: Bug when creating collections where the name wouldn’t auto-capitalize.


    29 Jul, 2021

  • FIXED: Collections deleted will responsively disappear from UI
  • FIXED: Clarity changes – scrolling implemented on some UI views.
  • FIXED: Able to upload collection names that have been archived in the Portal.
  • ADDED: Interval button will use the last interval instead of autoincrementing after the interval currently selected.
  • ADDED: Interval button will jump to a gap if there is one between the selected interval and the last interval.


    15 Jul, 2021

  • FIXED: This version solves an issue with firewalls blocking uploads.


    8 Jun, 2021

  • ADDED: Ability to export to a package in low bandwidth conditions so images can be transferred and uploaded to another remote location.
  • ADDED: QC workflows under profiles. No more errors allowed if you want to enforce them.
  • ADDED: Rename a hole and all its images is now an option.
  • UPD: Improved cropping template actions and definitions in the cropping menu.
  • ADDED: Empty recycle bin enabled to completely delete images from folders
  • FIXED:  Resetting image to upload-pending when cropping template is updated.
  • UPD: Improved error message reporting in the gallery view.

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