Deliver quality, consistent images instantly to your team. Reduce photo capture effort & errors.
Take advantage of low cost cameras and off-the-shelf camera frames.

Core Shed Photography - Image quality is vital!

Rapid advances in cameras and photography techniques together with Cloud data management revolution have repositioned core shed photography and chip tray photography as drivers of increased quality of drilling and mining decisions.

The advances and affordability of low cost cameras together with new approaches to camera frames and setup have created the opportunity for every project to strengthen their geological process and upgrade the performance of their exploration and mining projects.

View our Camera Frames, designed to achieve consistent positioning, lighting and quality

Transform the quality of your core shed or exploration core photographs

You may already have a process for capturing core and chip photographs in the field or the coreshed, but the task is not the capture of images. The task is the capture of high quality core photography that your geology team can use to discover and develop resources, and to make more accurate ore/waste decisions in mining.

The great news is that a better camera setup, the correct camera settings, and using the Imago Capture software will result in significant improvement to the process, from capture of core and chip photos to geological decision making.

Tweak your image capture process

The great news is that minor changes will greatly improve image quality for standard RGB images and reduce the labelling errors that make images difficult to locate and use.

Imago Capture

Using standard cameras and setup, a laptop or PC is tethered to the camera. Touching only the laptop, the camera is triggered to take the photo and automatically transfer to the laptop where it is visually inspected, cropped and stored. When the laptop is online, the images are synced to the Imago Cloud library, where they are instantly available to the geology and management teams.

There is no need to handle the camera, remove and copy from SD cards or manually transfer and label images. The double-handling activities that cause data loss and errors is eliminated.

Image Capture works offline or online, which means it is used for both remote, mobile exploration sites and in the core shed of mature mining capture environments.

Imago is adaptable to any core tray photography environment – from basic, fast paced exploration sites to established core sheds with fixed core photography facilities.

The Core Shed

When you choose Imago, implementing in your coreshed is easy.

Install Imago Capture

Tether the Laptop to the Camera

Start Snapping High Quality Images

Migrating Historical Images

Most customers require migration of their existing filestore to images. Zip and upload to the Imago FTP site. Our image migration team will upload to your Imago library, giving your team immediate access to your historical images together with the new images captured today.

Work Smarter

With our partners at we designed a workflow to streamline data capture. The Imago Capture application automatically transcribes the information from the tray


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