Camera Frames

Taking great photos requires the right photography setup!

One Size Does Not Fit All

We can help you design the optimal imaging station using our significant experience.
Be it core, chips or any other type of photography we have partners and
proven examples of how to capture images that are fit for your purpose.


RC Chip Photography Frame: Slide the trays through, 4 cells per photo. 1,200 USD

Photographing drilling chips is fast and cheap, and ensures your geology team can get the best value from visual inspection of the samples.

Designed in partnership with Dynamics GEx, the RC Chip Frame is readily available and can be shipped worldwide.

Portable Core Photography Frame: Light, safe, great photos. 1,200 USD

Great for sites that don’t yet have a core shed and roller racks. This frame is light and easily positioned over the core tray for a reliable image with consistent lighting.

Designed in partnership with Dynamics GEx, the Portable Core Frame is readily available and can be shipped worldwide.

Fixed Core Photography Frame: Consistent environment, rapid process. 3,500 USD

For mature sites, positioning a fixed camera frame and rolling the trays under the frame ticks the boxes of a safety, consistent and efficient photography environment.
Designed in partnership with Dynamics GEx, this fixed frame model is readily available and can be shipped worldwide.

Chip Shot: Single Photo per Cell | High Quality | Consistent: 14,000 USD

The Chip Shot is our automated rig to capture high-resolution photographs of RC Chips. Capture high-resolution photographs of your chip trays in a fast and automated way, uploading the pictures directly into Imago’s web portal.

Chip Shot includes a FLIR Camera and can run polarized light, UV, and diffuse light. It incorporates an automatic sprayer to wet the sample consistently. With motor and controller the process is fast and delivers consistent, high quality photos.

Core Shot: High Resolution | Multiple Shots per Tray | Consistent and Reliable: 24,000 USD

We believe Core Shot is the most affordable high-resolution box scanning machine available.

Automated capture of high-resolution photographs of your core boxes. A high-resolution camera and an automated translational movement allow the Core Shot to produce panorama photographs of the maximum quality. These photographs will be automatically uploaded into Imago’s web portal.

Split Shot: High quality, at the drill site: 5,000 USD

Our friends at Dynamics G-Ex have produced the Split Shot: an affordable, easy to use, manual rig to capture high-quality photographs of your core when it is still in the split.

With the Split Shot, capture photographs of your core alongside the rig, in the original state for better Geotech analysis.

UV Photography Station: 5,000 USD

Ultra Violet fluorescence can be assessed using off the shelf hardware and the imago software. This is particularly useful in deposits with carbonates or other fluorescing minerals.

Imago Capture switches between white and UV light, automatically adjusting camera settings, making the process of capturing multiple images fast and simple.

Imago Mobile

Imago Mobile can be installed from the Google Play store for Android mobile devices.

Imago Mobile can also be used to capture chip and core photos at the drill site, and outcrop images. Set the spatial type to ‘Coordinate’ to automatically assign X,Y,Z coordinates to your images, so you can connect them to your GIS or Geological Modeling application.

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