Mining majors roll out Imago – Core Tray Photography

July 24, 2019
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July 24, 2019 Tony Hampton

Core Tray Photography – Focus of the industry

The Imago core tray photography software has been rolled out by globally by three of the mining majors in the last twelve months. The smooth workflow from image capture to viewing in a high performance cloud platform and integration with the popular geology modelling tools is compelling.

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Over the last year, a consistent message is coming through from the geology leaders of those companies:

“Our core tray photographs are now continuously used by our geologists to visually validate their work, leading to better analysis and validation of the resource”.

Rio Tinto’s recent Winu discovery announcement: “All the sample intervals were visually verified using high quality core photography through Imago, and some selected samples were taken inside the mineralised interval for optical microscopy by qualified petrologists”.

Other quotes from exploration chiefs:

  • “Imago has made our geology process more efficient with deeper insights when combined with the logging data from the geologists.”
  • “With Imago, our core tray photography quickly became part of our interpretation process. I see geologists throughout our office with Imago open, viewing images as they work.”
  • “The quality of images and the viewing experience means we are logging much of our core from the Imago images, spending less time in the core shed while getting more consistent, trusted logging outcomes.”
  • “Highly recommended to any company involved in a significant drill program.”
  • “Very useful tool for drill program management in exploration and resource definition.”
  • “We are spending less time in the core shed and have greater flexibility in how experts engage with the project.”

According to Imago’s Federico Arboleda, Imago provides a workflow from core photography to high performance viewing in the Imago cloud portal. We advise customers how to improve the quality of images then implement a single click capture tool, auto naming and syncing to the cloud portal. The portal provides high performance viewing and allows geos to retrieve core photos instantly while working with their interpretation tools of choice.

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