The Future of Geoscientific Imagery

April 18, 2018
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April 18, 2018 Sam Law

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This article was originally published on the Mining Technology Partners website.

On today´s Episode 7, Learn about the future of geoscientific imaging with Federico Arboleda, Founder of Imago.

Imago is an internationally based company innovating the capture, storage, integration, quality control and ease of communication around geoscientific imagery. Federico shares what we are missing with how we currently manage our imagery and how this innovation can maximize your value and aid in quality control of interpretations.

Imago´s system captures, catalogues and connects imagery in innovative ways and has an open API and services to advance integration.


  • There are multiple terabytes of information in imagery held across organizations and we do not manage, integrate nor maximize its benefits.


  • Capture and store data in much less time
  • Use imagery in new and valuable ways including QC of other datasets
  • Implement immediately and economically, use of historical and new imagery
  • Integrate images with your exisitng modeling systems
  • Improve communication around your project data


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Guides to get you up & running Imago as well advanced topics like developer info and more.



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