Imaging Fluorescent Carbonates During Exploration and Production

July 31, 2020
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July 31, 2020 Carlos Valencia

Credits: Special thanks to DT Mining and Lamsil Geological Services for the information and images provided for this article. They are currently working on an exploration program using this technique and Imago Software.

Are you exploring or producing in a carbonate environment? In this post, you will find a brief introduction on why you should capture UV imagery of your rocks.

Figure 1. Carbonates showing different grades of fluorescence. Courtesy of DT Mining and Lamsil Geological Services.

Systematically imaging your rocks under UV light will help you to better understand your deposit during exploration and production.

With Imago, you will able to capture UV imagery in an automated and consistent way through Imago Capture.

Figure 2. Example of a UV imaging station. The camera is connected and operated through Imago Capture software. Courtesy of  DT Mining and Lamsil Geological Services.

Figure 3. Chipshot V3 (See video) is an automated photography station to capture visible and UV light Imagery automatically. Imago Inc.

The UV (and visible light) imagery will go directly to Imago Portal a web catalog where they will be organized by drill hole and depth and are readily accessible for visualization and validation through modeling or other geological – geotechnical tasks.

Figure 4. Visible light RC Chips Imagery alongside with UV Imagery. Imagery is automatically organized by drill hole and depth.

You will also be able to link this imagery with modeling software such as leapfrog, Vulcan, Micromine, Surpac, and many more through an open API.

So if you are dealing with carbonate rocks in your mineral deposit you should consider capturing, organizing, and analyzing UV imagery of your rocks because they could help you, a lot.


Written by:

Santiago Cuartas Martínez
Geoscientist – Business Development at Imago
Email: [email protected]

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