Imago Demo Guide

This is a 2 minute guide to signing in to the Imago demo account and exploring the Imago web viewing tools. There are no obligations or cost associated with accessing the demo account.

Click to sign in:  Sign in page >>

Username ImagoDemo1
Password ImagoDemo1

Once signed in you will see this view. Note the Navigation pane on the left. From ‘Firefly Resource Development’ click ‘Core Boxes’ in the ‘Drilling Core’ imagery type. This will display a list of drillholes with Core Box images available.

Tick the checkbox for AADD0141 and for AADD0142.The core box images for those drillholes will display.

Often Core Trays represent different intervals. E.g. 1 to 5 metres vs 1 to 7 meters. To view the images to scale, down the drillhole trace, the images need to be resized in the display. Click the ‘Adjust Imagery size by depth’ button on the bottom right of the screen as shown. You will see the images resize to scale. Pan and Zoom to adjust the view. You can click the vertical depth ruler to snap to a desired depth.

Next we may wish to view the images as downhole, linear images instead of the core trays. Unselect the checkboxes under the core trays imagery type, and select the checkboxes for Downhole. Usually the wet images will be the best to view.

Change back to viewing the core trays, then switch to the library view using the buttons at the top right.


Click the Analytics button on the main menu bar to view a time chart of collections (Drillholes) added to the workspace. Click on a grid row to open the collection. This provides a quick way to view recently drilled holes and check image quality.

Linking your geology and planning tools to Imago

The next step is to try linking your planning tools to the Imago image library.

View the guide to linking Leapfrog to Imago: View Guide >>

Please contact Imago support for help linking other geology and mine planning tools to Imago. Imago Support >>

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