Do you want to use Imago, but don’t know what to do with the thousands upon thousands of legacy images (physical and/or digital) that you already have?

Are your old images inconsistent in quality, filename nomenclature, or stored in an inconsistent manner, with some stored on someone’s workstation, some on a server somewhere, or even as actual physical pictures somewhere else?

Do your images contain accurate metadata, or none at all?

If you want to view old images, does it require a bunch of phone calls to several people who then might be able to send you some images as large attachments in email or WhatsApp?

Imago’s Pixel Platform can transform your inconsistent imagery—both digital and physical images—into consistent digital imagery embedded with accurate metadata and easily retrievable within the Imago portal as well as accessible within your other geoscientific software such as Leapfrog 3D, Vulcan, DataMine, ArcGIS, and others.


Request Legacy Data Job

Fill out the form below to get started.


Specify Request Details

Provide us with some details about your job request (e.g., do you want your images to be autocorrected, rotated, perspective transformed, tagged with metadata (hole_id, depth_from, depth_to), and/or cropped (crop box only, or crop the runs in each box).


Provide Access to Images

Give us access to your (digital and/or physical) images that you wish to optimize and import.


Imago Cognitive Image Processing

An on-demand elastic workforce then goes to work on your specific job request, using Imago’s cognitive image processing tools.


Quality Control

After your image processing job is completed, all processed images are subjected to Imago’s Quality Management workflow. Images failing this step are re-run if possible, and all gaps are documented.


Data Available in Imago Portal

Upon legacy data job completion, your imagery is immediately available within the Imago Portal and accessible by your other geoscientific software tools.


  • Access ALL of your legacy data quickly from a single location and make it available within your other geoscientific tools
  • No more need to ask someone to email or text you a specific borehole image
  • No more inconsistent image filenames, or inconsistent image storage, with some images stored in one place and others stored somewhere else
  • Accurate embedded metadata (such as hole_id, depth from, depth to, etc)
  • Optimized images (cropped correctly, rotated, autocorrected)
  • Centralized access and storage of ALL your images, even images that were once only physical images
  • Let the image experts do the busy work and SAVE YOU TIME