June 20, 2017
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June 20, 2017 Federico Arboleda

Startup life can be tough. You’ve got a solid idea with a clear competitive advantage, there’s a market for your product…but it can be a long road from launch to having a good client base.

It’s a road CORE start up member Imago has traveled this year. Over the last 14 months they have worked hard testing and validating their ideas, developing five different prototypes for their geoscientific imaging software over this time, and working with potential clients. Industry feedback was positive but this hadn’t translated to sales.

Imago founder Michael Evans said, “after more than a year working on the business, we were beginning to question how long we would be able to stick at it.”

The hard work is finally paying off. In the past month Imago has grown from one client to 12. Imago’s client base is now global with customers from the Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

“Its been a lesson in perseverance,” Michael said. “Nothing comes quickly. I’d recommend other start ups really manage their cash flow in the early days so they can see the idea through.”
Its an exciting time with the company now entering a new phase of growth.

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