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March 15, 2018
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March 15, 2018 Jim Young

This article was originally published on the Deswik website.

Deswik continues to bridge the gap between geology and mine planning. A new collaboration with Imago will extend the capability of Deswik’s operational geology platform to allow the inclusion of geoscientific imagery.

In essence, Imago extracts knowledge from geoscientific imagery using inexpensive, off-the-shelf cameras positioned throughout the mine.  These cameras capture a comprehensive dataset of images, which are then matched with other mining data and have the potential to be analysed by cloud-based, machine learning algorithms.

This image capture and data analysis capability will be integrated within Deswik.GeoTools apps and provides the opportunity to improve confidence in geo-metallurgical properties prior to material processing.

The first app, Deswik.GeoTools Mapping, is scheduled for release in March as part of the v2018.1 update of the Deswik Suite.  Built for Windows tablets so as to leverage the Deswik.CAD design engine capabilities, the Mapping app allows geologists to create spatially-referenced geological maps with the option to incorporate photographs while offline and underground.  These maps can be easily imported into a central Deswik.CAD document to allow geologists to work with the data captured from multiple jobs.

Future additions to Deswik.GeoTools are already in development, including the Face Sampling tool. This app will allow underground geologists to capture sample data and manage their face sampling activities directly in their existing 3D mine environment as well as optionally utilise Imago technology to store this data in their geoscientific library.

The partnership with Imago consolidates Deswik’s focus on turning data into information quickly, simply, and effectively. Deswik and Imago will continue to investigate data capture and analysis opportunities together, including the potential for predictive analytics using the data collected by Imago and Deswik.GeoTools.

Click here for more information on Deswik.GeoTools.

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