Although budgets are tight, time demands are even tighter. Now more than ever, it is important to know as quickly as possible whether a drillhole is improving your resources, or just draining your drilling budget. Faster turnarounds are needed to determine geological and analytical properties so they can be included in a reserve model that can be used for mine planning on shorter and shorter time frames. This situation has produced a paradigm change on where we collect drilling data and how we view its value. Previously discarded information is now considered essential because it can speed up our efforts to define geological and physical properties without the overhead of transporting core to a coreshed or sending samples to a laboratory.

Imagery is becoming a key component of this new approach. Photographs have always been taken of core trays and sample cuttings. To date, these images have only been captured as insurance for the future. They are rarely considered valuable sources of immediate data. However, things are now starting to change. Several companies are now starting to look into innovative ways to get new insight out of visual information. They now see images as a valuable source of data that can be used to support a continuous modelling process. The truth is that images are the new currency in today’s communications and technology is already very advanced in ways to manage and decode this information. Machine learning algorithms are now available to automate processes that before were only attributed to humans.

We already have the necessary tools to start taking advantage of the great amount of visual information at our disposal and all we need is the final push for adoption to follow. The mining industry has never been innovative in essence, however, tough economic times are usually enough incentive to turn the most traditional and old fashion miner. This is the issue Imago is passionate about. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing please contact us at

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