Do you share images of drill core through WhatsApp?

January 29, 2018
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January 29, 2018 Sam Law


You are at a coreshed looking at drill core in a box and logging what you observe.  There’s one area of the core that you are unsure of.  So you decide to get another geologist’s opinion, but he’s not around.  So you pull out your phone, snap a picture, and send it to him via WhatsApp, along with some context about the image you sent along.  Eventually your buddy will respond back, and you will discuss the issue over text/chat.  All good, right?  Well, sure, but:

This back and forth information isn’t available to others

Maybe one person uses WhatsApp, another uses text, another uses Slack, and some use email.  All of this information, sprinkled all over the place in different communications systems, is only available to the people that shared it.  It’s not readily available to others after you’ve quit working for that company, or to new employees that come on board and don’t know you had information about that.


Automate the Capture of Drill Core Imagery

Instead of taking pictures with a phone camera and sharing those with others in an ad-hoc way (e.g., via WhatsApp), you could take pictures of ALL of your drill core in an efficient production setting workflow using Imago’s Coreshed application.  This software application hooks up to any Canon or Nikon SLR camera and automates all of the tedious work of tagging each core with the right project, core box number, depth from, and depth to.  It then also automatically crops all the core images in a core box, stitches each together, and rotates the whole thing 90 degrees, so that you can then see the core as one long continuous core downhole, alongside other datasets such as a televiewer image or downhole logs.

Super Fast Zoom-in and Zoom-Out

Once your images are in the cloud-based Imago system, you can view those images efficiently, zooming in and out similar to the way you can zoom in and out with Google Maps.  This is because Imago uses the same tiling technology as Google Maps.  You can also view your downhole core alongside drill logs, televiewer imagery, and other image assets, all normalized at the same depth interval.

Share Your Images Quickly (with People and with Other Software Tools)

Sharing an image with a colleague is simple:

  • Click on an image in Imago,
  • Click on the paperclip icon to grab the image URL
  • Share this link with your colleague via any channel (email, text, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.)

You don’t need to embed the actual image in your text or preferred communication tool…just share the link.

Sharing an image with another software tool such as Leapfrog 3D is also simple: grab the image link and paste it into the appropriate location in your software tool.

Annotate Notes on Your Images

Need to point something out on a particular image? There’s a notes tool right there in Imago.  Click on an image and then type any note you wish to type up.  Everyone that has access to the image can also view these notes (and add notes as well).  A future version of Imago will include a draw later that will allow you to draw arrows, circles, and other annotations right on top of the images.


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